How to Help an Autistic Child Cope with Having to Get Surgery

To Help an Autistic Child Cope with Having to Get Surgery, you have to Get as much information about the surgery as possible. After that, Discuss your child’s needs with the doctor. Then, Talk about surgery accommodations. Next, Schedule the surgery for a good date and time. Forth, Talk to your child about what will happen. After that, Be emotionally available for your child. Then, Buy foods and medications that you may need for your child. Next, Gather books, movies, and other activities your child can do while relaxing. Forth, Create a “hospital passport” for your child. After that, Prepare your child’s bag for admittance if necessary. Then, Discuss the surgery with the child’s siblings. Next, Get support from friends or family members. Forth, Make your child a meal they like the night before. After that, Help your child dress appropriately. Then, Allow your child to take a comfort object or stim toy. Next, Take materials for yourself as well. Forth, Alert the nurses of any of your child’s health problems. After that, Be aware that your child may temporarily regress. Then, Comfort your child during the waiting process. Next, Distract your child if an IV is administered. Forth, Stay with your child as long as possible before the surgery. After that, Prepare for the wake-up time after the surgery. Last, Get written instructions for your child’s post-operative care.

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Weight

To Help Your Child Manage Their Weight, you have to Avoid relying on television and junk food for your children. After that, Encourage healthy eating. Then, Help your child find a way to get exercise. Next,
Try individual or small group sports. Forth, Teach good eating habits. After that, Help them pick out food. Then, Explain that everyone should exercise and love their body, regardless of their size. Next, Give them their own water cups, and have them refilled often. Forth,
Talk about junk food. Last, Encourage their self-esteem.

How to Cheer up a Friend With Chicken Pox

To Cheer up a Friend With Chicken Pox, you have to Call the person suffering chicken pox. After that, Pull together your supplies. Even though people with chicken pox look hideous, you need to refrain from commenting about it! Then, Watch movies, talk, laugh and just keep your friend company. Next, Do whatever they want you to do, such as fluffing pillows, running an oatmeal bath for them, etc.

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